JÄMERÄ - Nordic stone houses


JÄMERÄ offers a complete solution for concrete masonry houses which comply with the requirements for low-energy houses; this solution includes architectural design as well as putting together a complete construction material kit for a weather-tight, heatproof shell and executing the shell to the extent agreed on with the client.

Since 1974, JÄMERÄ has been a trademark used in Finland to sell private residences made of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). JÄMERÄ houses that have been designed with the difficult weather conditions of Nordic countries in mind are the bestselling concrete masonry houses on the Finnish market. The aerated concrete details for these houses are now produced in our Estonian factory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, by our experienced employees.

JÄMERÄ masonry houses are entirely constructed with AAC; therefore, the buildings are heatproof, airtight, fireproof, long-lasting and have a pleasant, allergen-free indoor climate. A JÄMERÄ home makes everyday life carefree by keeping the operating costs under control; this is an extremely energy-efficient building with external walls made of one layer of aerated concrete that retains its characteristics for the entire lifetime of the house. JÄMERÄ masonry buildings last from one generation to the next. The AAC private residences that were built in Finland in the 1930s that are still in high demand serve as “living” proof of that.

The Jämerä catalogue offers a wide variety of finished projects that are somewhat more unconventional than standard houses. If you wish, you can build your own JÄMERÄ home based on one of the standard designs; however, every design can also be altered pursuant to the peculiarities of your plot and your personal needs. In order to construct a JÄMERÄ house, you can also order the materials for the entire house shell based on your own design. Alternatively, you can contact JÄMERÄ and order a custom-created design for your house.

The JÄMERÄ concept successfully combines apparent opposites – on the one hand, the flexibility of specially designed solutions, and on the other hand, the use of construction materials that come in standard uniform measurements, making all modules compatible with each other.

Jämerä – Live your dream